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A hat shop is a place where people can buy things to cover their heads like caps, hats, woolly hats, etc. The gesture is increasingly exaggerated as the level of gratitude or the status of the other person rises, but beware of taking it too far: if anyone who isn’t hired help makes a show of removing their hat in a big arc and bowing deeply, they’re just being affectatious.

For close friends and acquaintances of higher status, one also doffs one’s hat; generally, this means raising it just off the head and putting it back down, via the brim if it’s stiff (as on a top hat or bowler), or the crown if it’s not (as on a fedora).hat shophat shop

Being a pup parent in a condo, I’m always on walks throughout the day and wear a hat when I’m outside getting my steps in. At the Village Hat Shop they have a wonderful variety of practical hats to keep the sun off, and whimsical fascinators, top hats, cowboy hats and costumey hats for special occasions.hat shop

A cowboy hat made from leather is the more expensive choice, but it is well worth the investment if you are serious about using your cowboy hat for the purpose it was intended, which is to weather all the outdoor elements and protect the head of the person wearing it.

There are several locations of the large retailer in Houston and I chose to visit the one located on the Katy Freeway just outside of Beltway 8. The large section set aside for cowboy hats is a good place to start for any man or woman looking for one, and they carry a large selection of straw and felt hats ranging in price from under $50 to around $1,000.

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