Body Treatment: Body Skin and Face Skin

Body care is important to keep up body fitness. Flurry and busy activities and tasks that accumulate will make our body tired, including skin conditions also tired. Therefore, some of the following things can keep your skin and body health. If you want promotion code please visit : apotea rabattkod

Body care, do it!
Shower at least 2 times a day
Taking a bath at least 2 times a day will make your body feel fresh. Note the use of soap when taking a bath, make sure according to your skin type. Baths using soap containing antiseptic can cleanse the body of germs and residual debris after all day activities.


Protect skin from the sun
Should avoid the skin from direct exposure to sunlight. And if to protect the skin wear anti sunlight lotion when you act in and outside the room.


Keep skin moisture
Maintain body skin moisture it can be done by applying body lotion to the body. The use of body lotion serves to keep up the moisture and softness of the skin.


For facial skin care, do it!
Use safe and proper cosmetics
The use of safe cosmetics is very important to note. Especially for those of you who have a sensitive skin. The use of inappropriate cosmetics can cause irritation and allergies to the skin.


Clean up the makeup rest
After all day activities with makeup on the face, of course, make the facial skin become tired. After finished, the activity should immediately clean your face from the rest of the makeup on the face. Use toner / facial cleanser evenly. Make sure all parts of the face are clean. And your facial skin will look fresh again.


Keep skin moist
Keeping skin moisture is equally important. Perform treatments to keep facial moisture like using a face mask. Should choose a natural ingredient as a face mask. Differences in facial and body skin conditions must us to do different treatments. So there is no harm in you reading and practicing body care articles above