Chris Oyakhilome: Man On A Mission


There are truly some great individual in this world we live in. These individuals span across a wide playing field and covers many different sectors of business. Unfortunately, many of the most gifted individuals never get the credit that’s due especially when being compared to professional athletes or television stars. There is one individual that doesn’t want or need to the fame because he’s transcending the world through the teaching of Christ. This is the most powerful freedom of speech that can’t and won’t be denied. The guy in question is known as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and he’s spreading the gospel through numerous avenues. The happily married father of two is the head man in charge at the Christ Embassy. This is Lagos, Nigeria’s, and all of Africa’s most premier religious institution. This exclusive place is a healing and teaching mecca that has been around since its inception in the 1990s. It’s doors are open to all who praise the Lord, but it’s also open to those who have seemed to can’t find their purpose in life.


One of the biggest contributions of this institution is Pastor Chris Oyakhimoe, and he’s revolutionizing modern day church services. With a strong and extensive religious background, he has turned a small organization from the 1990s into a well established institution in current times. The use of media and technology are the tools of the trade besides his insightful delivery. This media presence has sent the embassy skyrocketing to the top with well over 1 million members worldwide. At the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, the membership is around 44,000 members, which are still staggeringly high numbers. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has built the institution from the ground up with services such as spiritual healing, guidance, gospel teachings and helping disadvantaged children. The list goes on and on, but the Christ Embassy takes it even further. It’s flagship convention, “Night of Bliss,” is one of the grandest revival celebrations on the planet. Held annually in Johannesburg at the city’s prominent FNB Stadium, over one hundred thousand people experienced God’s vision live and direct. The good pastor is also in command of the area’s International School of Ministry. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Chris Oyakhilome teamed up with Televangelist Benny Hinn, and they created the Love World USA, which is a television network that is destined for use in the U.S. Of course, it was a huge success and with two gifted individuals behind the scenes, America is in for a gospel treat.


The Haven Convention is another huge conference that is sponsored by Love World Inc. It’s better known as a “super session” in revival form with extravagant gospel music, Christian dialogue and informative religious discussions. The event is held in high regard, and it’s bringing in more and more members on a consistent basis. Thanks to Chris Oyakhilome, and his gospel visions, the sky is the limit or should I say, “the limit is the sky.”