Common Boating Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Boating can be a relaxing and fun experience. However, without the proper safety measures, a boating adventure can end in different accidents. As such, it is important to always take some safety measures to ensure a safe return on land. In what follows, we will discuss a few of the most common accidents that can occur while sailing. Some of these accidents can lead to minor inconveniences, while others can lead to serious injuries or even deaths. So, take all possible precautionary measures to prevent possible accidents.

Operator negligence/inexperience

The boat operators must be knowledgeable enough to understand the basics of sailing, and responsible enough to actively monitoring the boat and the weather. Operator negligence/inexperience is the number one cause of boating accidents, so always make sure to sail with someone who has a lot of boating experience. Needless to say, alcohol is strictly prohibited while sailing.

Bad weather

The sea can be very temperamental, and even a slight weather change can lead to dangerous sailing waters. It is essential to check the weather before heading out to the sea, and to be responsible enough to turn back at the first sign of trouble.

Equipment problems

The boat should always be inspected before heading out to the sea. Moreover, you should take precautionary measures to prevent common equipment accidents. It would also be wise for the boat operator to have some basic knowledge of boat mechanics, so that they can fix minor mishaps.

Losing the boat keys

Believe it or not, it is very common for boat owners to drop their keys in the water. Needless to say, it is impossible to recuperate the keys, and without them, you are stranded on the high seas. This type of accident can easily be prevented by investing in MyCustomFloatingKeychains. As the name suggests, these keychains are made of a floating material, usually a type of foam. Nonetheless, keep in mind that not all floating keychains are equally efficient. Out of design considerations, some are rather small, and while they might keep a single key afloat, they can be quite inefficient if you keep several keys on the same keychain.

Man overboard

In small boats, it is very common for people to fall overboard, especially when high speed or big waves are involved. As such, when it comes to small boats, all people should wear life jackets at all times. As far as bigger boats are involved, the chances for such accidents are smaller so people don’t really wear life vests. Nonetheless, a man overboard incident can still happen, which is why it is recommended to travel with a certified lifeguard. This is particularly important during boat parties, when people drink a lot. It is also very common for most people on the boat to not even notice is someone falls overboard, especially when loud music is involved. So, you should either travel with a lifeguard or designate a person to be on the lookout throughout the entire party.

Late rescue missions

Despite taking all possible safety precautions, accidents can still happen, and it is important for a team to come to the rescue as soon as possible. In order for this to happen, you should design a sail plan with a friend that stays on shore. Let them know where you plan on sailing, when you will leave and when you will come back. So, if you happen to be late, they can notify the coastguard and the rescue team can start looking for your boat.