Getting Longer Eyelashes Without Using Fake Ones

The women in my family all have thin almost nonexistent eyelashes, but mine look normal. I use mascara, and I do not use fake eyelashes. I found a medication that actually works to increase the length, fullness and strength of my eyelashes. It is called Careprost. I do not use it all the time. I used it for 16 weeks, but I did check with my eye doctor first to make sure it would be okay for me to use as it is a medication that is used in the treatment of an eye condition. It is sort of how minoxidil works on hair loss. That medication was for treating blood pressure issues, but they discovered it would grow hair when topically applied. This eye medication was discovered to have a side effect of growing longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes, and, for me, that is not an undesirable side effect.

I suppose if you have somewhat normal eyelashes, then they would get really long and full. If you have the ones like I have that are practically nonexistent, then they become normal eyelashes. Now that is a significant improvement considering mine kind of look like stubble. My grandmother has tiny little dots of hair on her eyelids that she tries to make look bigger with mascara, but her eyelashes are so short that there is really nothing for the mascara brush to grab hold of. Our striking blue eye color actually attracts attention to our eyes when people look at our faces, and that makes me self-conscious about how my eyelashes used to look.

I would think that those with normal length eyelashes probably would not even need mascara after using Careprost, but you have to remember that I started out with very small eyelashes. Now being normal length, the mascara just enhances them a bit more.

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