How to Create The Perfect Summer Glow


Achieving a beautiful summer glow before your vacation can be a gruelling process, with most beauty regimes requiring you to test countless products before you find the perfect combination. Creating a flawless glow relies heavily on the effort you put into looking after your skin and how you maintain it. During your vacation you may feel less motivated to keep up your skincare routine but keeping on top of it can lead you to achieving amazing skin in no time. Here’s four tips to creating the perfect summer glow:

  1. Look After Your Skin

Looking after your skin is a crucial if you wish to achieve a healthy looking natural glow. Exfoliating is the first step to getting your skin holiday ready! Use a natural gentle exfoliator or stick with an exfoliating mitt if you prefer. Exfoliating is by no means limited to your face – rub over your skin in circular motions, getting rid of dead skin and any abrasions. This will leave your skin feeling smoother and softer. After you’ve exfoliated, the next steps are to tone and cleanse. Many products now include these two in one step, saving you time and money for your skincare routine. Toning your skin leaves it feeling supple and nourished, which is what helps to give your skin a healthy look.

  1. Use Natural Ingredients

Organic products are sometimes a little on the expensive side, but there are many reasonably priced ranges that can do the job just as well. The key here is to use products that contain natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or toxins. That way, you’re only using plant based products on your skin; such as witch hazel or aloe vera.

  1. Holiday Shimmer

To make the most of your naturally glowing skin, there’s no harm in adding a little holiday shimmer highlight. Shimmer liquids can be used on top of moisturisers for the ultimate sparkle, or festival glitter is extremely popular for anyone heading overseas to a festival this summer, just make sure is biodegradable glitter, as some festival don’t allow regular brands. Using organic glitter is a must to maintain your high level of skincare.

  1. Aftersun Care

Looking after your skin after you’ve been in the sun is just as important as using sunscreen during the day. At the end of a long day in the heat, it’s a good idea to scrub down and apply some aftersun lotion to your face and body. This essentially replenishes your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and moisturised for the next day.

You’re Beach Ready

There you have it, four essential steps to achieving the perfect summer glow for 2018. We all know that caring for our skin is important, especially if you wear makeup often. Establishing an easy yet effective skincare routine is paramount for beautiful skin that’s beach ready. Remember to keep applying sunscreen throughout the day, particularly if you’re going to be spending an extended amount of time in the sun.