How to Make Your Wooden Floor More Beautiful

Beautify wood floor coverings are able to synergize with the aesthetics of the interior and make the appearance of the house more slippery. In order to look interesting, there are tricks you can do. Anything? Floor as one of the important components in a building. The selection of the right floor covering material will greatly support the function and beauty of the building. Now, there is a wide selection of floor covering materials ranging from textile, carpet, ceramic, stone, laminated flooring, vinyl, wooden parquet, and so on. Visit for more info.

Cannot be denied if the wooden shades for the interior of the room in the present is a trend that not only happen in Indonesia, also in the world. This is evident from the FEP statistical data that demand for laminated flooring and wooden flooring increased very sharply, while a significant decrease occurred on demand for textile and carpet materials.

Laminated flooring is a floor covering material that is essentially a high density fiber board (HDF) surface coated with decorative paper and aluminum oxide. The surface of laminated flooring is very sharp against friction so it can be used in residential or commercial area.

Wooden parquet is a floor cover material made of real wood. In the industrial world, wooden parquet is divided into two, namely solid wood parquet and engineered parquet. Demand for solid wood has been sharply declining despite the trend of wood flooring taking place. The price factor and the limitations of raw materials are the cause of the decreasing market demand for solid wood.

Engineered parquet is a wood flooring material made of genuine wood with layered construction. The purpose of this construction is the efficiency and stability of the material. Engineered parquet excellence is the original wooden display and occupies the upper segment. is the best provider of wood floor.

The wooden floor or parquet itself comes from the word parquetry which means the art of installing or arranging thin wooden blades with geometric patterns on a plot of floor. Realized or not, its existence was not just as a place to stand, but it can directly beautify and animate a design space, including elements that are in it.

In principle, engineering flooring is a wooden floor that comes from native wood made of layered material. In addition to giving warmth to a room, through its presence can also increase the aesthetics of a dwelling “.

Wood materials in addition to offering comfort and beauty of wood texture, other advantages are able to make the room warm and natural. That way homeowners feel comfortable on it. In fact, there are also types of wood floor coverings that are able to absorb heat and muffle the sound.

To apply wood flooring, of course associated with the function and aesthetics to be achieved. Usually by using wood as a floor cover the appearance of the room tends to be neat and clean. Using wooden flooring in a house or other building will not be boring. Therefore, wood balances the room temperature and feels comfortable on the soles of the feet and wood has a fiber and a smooth pattern.

In addition to these types of products, there is also a wooden floor cover material that is wood vinyl wood plank. Wood shades of vinyl wood plank can be accepted as floor covering material in residential. Another advantage compared to wood material, vinyl wood plank is resistant to termites and water so that maintenance is easier. See the best products on

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