I Needed to Use a Program That I Had Not Used in Many Years

My husband was really upset when he came home from work a few nights ago. He learned that his assistant had been stealing from his company. He said that he was frustrated because he doesn’t have the time to deal with it all by himself. I offered to go to the office to help him figure it out, and I told him it should be easy to do with some QuickBooks help for any areas of the software that I might not be very familiar with. He was really grateful and told me that he wanted me to help.

Fifteen years ago, I began working at the office with him every day. I answered phone calls, worked on the office books, helped with payroll and anything else that I could help with. We had 5 other employees, and me being there each day really helped my husband out a lot. However, I soon became pregnant with our first child, and we realized that it would be best for me to stay at home after our son was born. Childcare was costing us hundreds per week, and when we learned that our son had a chronic illness, we knew that it would be best if cared for him each day instead. At that point, I stopped going to the office daily.

Since I have been at home with our son, my hubby has worked hard to build the business. He hired an assistant who had a lot of experience and he thought she was trustworthy. It really breaks my heart to know that she stole thousands of dollars and took advantage of the trust that she was given. It was not that hard for to find all the fraudulent checks she had written. QuickBooks is just as easy for me to use today as it was 15 years ago. I was able to call the company for help quickly anytime I had a question, too.