I Want My Friends to Have Gorgeous Lashes Too

I had never heard of Careprost until my cousin started telling me about it several months ago. I had commented on her eyelashes because they were gorgeous. She is a very pretty girl, so don’t get me wrong. It is just that I had never seen her eyelashes look so thick and lush before. Even though it looked 100 percent natural, I knew they had to be fake because she just did not have those kinds of eyelashes the last time I had seen her. I know she doesn’t tell too many people, but that is when she explained about the eyelash magic secret she was taking advantage of.

She had me intrigued with how she was being evasive, but then I became interested the more she told me about careprost. She had been reading a magazine, which was naturally about beauty and fashion tips, when she came across an advertisement for thicker eyelashes. While she has never had inferior lashes, they certainly weren’t of the quality that they are now. I understood her desire to have longer and thicker lashes, because that seems to be the in thing for fashion and beauty nowadays.

She explained how she used the product once it was delivered to her, and she did not have to wait very long for the results to be seen. Considering I had last seen her a few weeks prior, I can attest to that myself. I normally don’t fall for the beauty hype products like this, but seeing is believing so I ordered it for myself. Seeing is definitely believing, but experiencing the exact same results yourself will turn you into a champion for it. Like my cousin, it did not take long for my lashes to grow thicker and longer, and I have been telling all of my friends about it so they can have gorgeous lashes too!

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