Keeping Wrinkles at Bay Even Though I Am an Outdoorsy Person

Cold winters and hot summers can wreak a little havoc on your face if you enjoy the outdoors. Skin can get pretty dry inside too. Even indoors in the winter, my skin needs regular moisturizing. The summer sun is no help either even though I enjoy the warm weather. I like being outdoors gardening or boating in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. My friend told me to buy Lifecell cream to take care of my face, especially since I am regularly exposed to the outdoor elements.

I have no problem in spending a little extra for a good product that will help keep wrinkles and fine lines from forming on my face. I also do not want puffiness or irritation from too much outdoor exposure. I have had windburn and sunburn on my face. I keep my face covered now when skiing, and I use a good sunburn preventative in the summer. My husband looks kind of cool with his redneck tan in the early summer when we are gardening, but that does not look good on me. I do not have extremely fair skin, but it is pretty light.

If you confine the use of the product to your face, it does not take much for a daily application. The regular skin lotion I use all over comes in bigger containers.I have a certain one that I like very much. It does not have any perfumes or fragrances in it. I like that about the Lifecell cream too. Fewer ingredients like that mean less of a chance of causing any skin reactions. The inclusion of hyaluronic acid is interesting. Rebuilding collagen in the skin of your face helps keep it from losing its tautness. Therefore, it protects you from sagging skin and wrinkles. I do not want to give up my outdoor activities, so I take extra steps to protect myself.

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