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Hi come back with me. This time I want to share knowledge about freight forwarding company. In this article, I will share with you the freight forwarding company. I will discuss about what the definition of freight forwarding services, then what kind of services offered and how the future trend for freight forwarding companies in Indonesia. Hopefully this article useful for those of you who want to know more details about the freight forwarding company or may have a desire to create a freight forwarding company. This is the best company in Denmark.

We start from the definition

A freight forwarding company is a company engaged in freight forwarding services. As we all know, the delivery of goods occurs because of the need to deliver goods from one place to other. Usually delivery of goods occurs due to the following things:

  •  The existence of sale and purchase transactions.
  • To fill the needs of goods in other locations.
  • Moving goods with the help of human labor
  • Moving goods with the help of tools or technologies created by humans, such as carts, cars, trucks.
  • Tools for moving goods from one place to other are referred to as means of transportation.

While the medium of moving goods can be by land, sea or air. Whether that is a city, between cities and to the countries.

Then why people has need a freight services

The means of transportation is very limited. Therefore, a third party is required to assist in the transfer of the goods, and the delivery of goods is provided.

Legality of Freight Services

In relation to legality, to operate a freight forwarding business in Indonesia, it is necessary to establish a business and establish a company in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia, whether in the form of UD, CV or PT, although some are still running services delivery of goods in the form of individuals without having any form of business.

The shipping companies also vary. In Indonesia tailored to the form of business services run. We know there are logistics companies, expeditions or trucking companies. Although all also run a similar business, namely goods delivery services.

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Why do I say so, because there is always a need for people to move things from one place to another. That is why, nowadays more and more new freight forwarding companies. However, like other service companies, competition will always be there, and that is able to excel in terms of services that will be able to survive.

Future trends for freight forwarding companies in the world

Technology-based companies, technological advances, especially information technology can be utilized by freight forwarding companies to become more superior

Rates are getting cheaper, why is that? especially in the world, the construction of increasingly massive infrastructure in the last few contributed to increased efficiency in the reduction of freight costs.

Delivery is faster, this is in line with the better infrastructure and facilities that support the delivery of goods getting better. For more information, visit

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