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It all started with a piece of crin which is a nylon woven fabric that can be twisted into amazing shapes. Before that day, most people wouldn’t consider leaving the house without a hat…..it’s like dotting an i. Then came the Afro, hippie hairstyles and the peace movement. When you come to our shop do not be surprised to see us all gathered close, cups in hand, pinkies raised (though I’ve recently learned that’s a no no!) sipping slowly and solving all the world’s problems.

I hope you’ll visit my blog often, and even stop by the shop and become one with the magic. And, like the hat silks, you can also unbutton the pom pom to either wash your hat if you get it dirty or if you want to change the pom pom over to a different colour to mix and match your outfit of the day!hat shop

Had to go back the next day to buy a hat box because no one sells hat boxes large enough for the large brim hat I purchased. As we wandered through Granville Island I spotted this shop out of the corner of my eye. In the winter my sister Georgie had bought this lovely hat with a fur pom-pom on top and I immediately wanted one.

I found an amazing hat that I simply had to have and am already planning to go back and get another! I firmly believe that you should wear the hat that represents the day you wish to have. After I had sprayed it pale grey I then whipped it into shape and sewed it onto a fine straw button hat which I had blocked earlier.hat shophat shop

Remember, you have no chance of fitting or trying on the hat you’ll want to buy and there is a chance that when the hat arrives, it’s not what you expected. The diverse group was started by Brenda Grantland, who was my first Etsy customer for hats and then writing partner about hats in an ebook, Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors.

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