Nordstrom Inc and the Fashion Industry

One thing that we the people of this wondrous world will never tire of is fashion and a desire to live fulfilling and comfortable lives. It is because of this desire that there are many companies that are coming up every day to provide services and products that fulfill the stated demand.

One of such companies is Nordstrom Inc. which has grown steadily over the years from a shoe retail store to include various fashion apparel for kids, women and men alike, as well as other services like banking, eBars and restaurant services and so much more. All with the aim of making one’s shopping experience a memorable one.

Nordstrom has opened up stores all over USA’s various cities and is stretching also as far as Canada and Puerto Rico with its location firmly rooted in the Mall of San Juan.  Though most of retail companies in the US and Canada have made their mark online to a very big extent, Nordstrom has adopted the strategy of setting up physical stores at various locations as stated above. However, though that may be the case, Nordstrom online is still a force to be reckoned with through the two online outlets namely Nordstrom Rack and Haute Look offering products and brand name merchandise. Like most online retail companies, it has also explored the use of Nordstrom rack coupons, coupon codes and coupon codes to create more brand awareness and increase more sales.

Though its greatest strength lies in its yearly sales that draw in people, kids, women and men, from all corners of the world to indulge themselves in the best discount shopping experience. I have found their sales to be quite a good way to spend with family and friends since they are during or near holiday seasons that warrant one’s shopping to be on point.

As already stated, Nordstrom has spread its wings in Canada with stores open in Chinook Centre in Calgary and Rideau Centre in Ottawa and plan to open up more stores with an upcoming store opening up in Vancouver come 19th September of this year. Its customers in Canada are enjoying their shopping experience and still even though in Canada, Nordstrom Canada online services are still the same as those received in the various city in the USA where the company has locations.

Even with its large inventory, Nordstrom offers shipping services like no other and since opening up in Canada; Nordstrom Canada shipping has joined the Nordstrom family where all of their goods are delivered to their clients free of charge. Have you heard that? I said free of charge. No coupons or coupon codes required, only shipping details. Now who would not welcome this free service?

Picture this. Wake up, pack your family into your good old family car and drive to one of the Nordstrom’s stores, shop until you keel over, go for lunch just round the corner and then head home or explore. Now that is what I call a shopping day.

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