Pastor Chris: Higher Life Announcement Conference

In a few weeks, the Higher Life Conference will take place in the United Kingdom. This event is dated on the 8th to the 10th of September in London at the 02 Arena. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be sharing the word of God and informing believers about the Higher Life Ministries. Pastor Chris is a renowned faith healer whose missions have also touched many people. He is also a bestselling author and is recognized worldwide.

The event set for a three-day experience has been favorably priced. The 02 arena where the event is being held has a capacity of 20,000 believers. It is considered the second largest indoor stadium. The primary teaching will be based on the deeper understanding the children of God have in Higher Life. The proceedings involved in the event will be similar to that of a typical church. There will be the common opening prayers followed by the praise and worship session. The conference will be a continuous festival of music since many international acclaimed gospel artists will be performing. There will also be miracles, healing wonders, and interactive videos about Higher Life. The presence of Holy Spirit will also be felt on those scheduled days.

The registration is set to begin on the 7th of August. In the event, the Higher Life Ministries will be having afternoon sessions for the three days. The total cost of the sessions is $4.5 since each session cost $1.50. On the 8th of September which is on a Friday, the first session will kick off exactly at 6:00 pm while the Saturday session will start at 4:00 pm. On Sunday, which is the main church day, the session will begin at 1:00 p.m.

Besides Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the event is also set to give a platform for other church Leaders. There will also be anointing and teachings on how you can speak in tongues. Meditation and walking in love will also be a key topic under discussion. Each session will finish with hallelujahs full of powers and revelation. There is also a calling for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the atmosphere that will take place.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a Nigerian origin and is the founder of Believers’ Love World. It is also known as Christ Embassy and is registered under the Bible-based Christian organizations. He is recognized as one of the most influential preachers around Africa, and his ministries have expanded beyond the continent to other great nations. He holds meetings and school healing sessions in North America as well as United Kingdom. Pastor Chris is famous around the world due to his countless acts in the public arena. Interesting to note, he has held missions such as the Inner-city Mission programs and he has always preached in the name of Jesus Christ. He is also known for the many healing miracles that he has performed in many parts of the world. In his ministry, he has managed to free people from bondage and has carried out healing for the blind and the disabled. Through his anointing, he can also heal many blood and mental illnesses.

Pastor Chris is the Author of the book, Rhapsody of Realities. It is a global outreach book that has been translated into at least 900 languages. He also founded the Inner-city mission which helps the children who are from less fortunate homes. Among the services offered are housing, clothing, and medicine. The merger of Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn brought about the formation of the first Christian television network in the United States. Love World USA is known to be an inspiration from God and His dream to bring joy, hope, and joy to Americans. The Higher Life is an experience that is getting transformed by God’s word in a miraculous atmosphere. Do not miss out!!