The Advantages of Taking Beginning Drum Lessons Online

While some drummers are self taught (due to a variety of reasons), there are a great number of advantages to taking beginning drum lessons.

Drums are an instrument that many people gravitate towards due to the excitement and their percussive nature. They are an instrument like no other and provide the backbone of any musical group. As mentioned, while some choose to learn on their own, the best way to learn is to take lessons! There is simply so much to learn and an experienced teacher can be an incredible advantage when you’re first starting out.

However, in person lessons can be more time consuming and expensive than online lessons. That’s why many folks are opting to take online lessons. After learning the basics of the drum kit as well as the correct way to hold the sticks, you will also want to learn standard beats and patterns. You can also learn the general timekeeping and measures of music. These are fundamentals that you don’t want to miss out on. Yes, this can all be taught online!

Beyond that, you will likely want to learn how to keep time yourself and perhaps even attempt to play some of your all time favorite beats! To do so, you’ll have to learn fills and eventually develop a strong foundation to build upon your drumming skills.

Indeed, there is so much to learn but why would you want to “go it on your own” when you can learn online and benefit from the experience and knowledge of someone else? It’s often said that they fastest way to achieve success in any endeavor is to find a mentor and drumming is no different. Once you develop a solid skill-set, you can start to incorporate your own creativity.

Ultimately, you’ll find your own style but there really is no better way to get started!

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