The Hat Shop

Recently hats from The Vintage Hat Shop were purchased by the Loretta Young family to be used at the 100th Anniversary Exhibit to be held at the Hollywood Museum! With the sweat band turned down, the hat will actually be standing on the band. There is even a hat making contest still open for entries through April 1. All of us are seeing a reawakening of interest in hats, from the runway to Target, and especially Etsy!hat shop

There is that distinct appeal of wearing your very own custom made baseball hat when you know it is one of a kind and this is incomparable with other designs of hats which you can get from the boutiques and dress shops. It seems that Loretta Young was such a big fan of Lilly Dache’ that it is rumored that she purchased every hat in the shop when Lilly announced her retirement.

The family-like atmosphere of the shop and the supportive neighborhood make for a perfect place to experience a sense of community. The hat is in good condition, just reformed over time and the sweatband is falling out. I recently picked one up for my Dad’s girlfriend and we went back to the shop together and had a great afternoon trying on hats!hat shop

It might look rough but it’s like an old friend to me. It isn’t disgusting, but that is exactly how the Village Hat Shop employee treated it, and me actually. The one person who is constantly associated with this type of hat is Napoleon Bonaparte. This hat had a broad brim with the front and the back parts of the brim being turned up and pinned together.hat shop

Immediately the vendeuse picked out the perfect sculpted beret-style hat for her. At Family Owned & Operated Watson’s Hat Shop, each hat is hand crafted using rare hat making equipment from 1860. The Bobble Hat Shop has over 20 varying colours of hats to choose from – with some being exclusive to them, meaning no two days have to be the same.

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