The Sick And Spiritually Affected Are Taught By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome At The Healing School

For Christians around the world, the name of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one bringing to mind the works of God in all their glory. The Nigerian born Pastor is known for creating one of the world’s first satellite TV networks bringing the work of God to people with access to his religious teachings and continually developing some of the world’s leading live religious events dedicated to bringing increasing numbers of people into the congregation of the pastor; one of the most impressive and best-loved areas of the live events and TV shows of Pastor Chris has been the healing and miracles taking place on a regular basis in areas of Africa and the U.K.

The school developed by the Pastor in Canada and South Africa brings a range of healing opportunities to the people of the world as they embark on a stay in Canada with the many members of the Christ Embassy of the Pastor who seeks to develop the work of his healing ministry across the world. Those who choose to stay at the School in Canada are often assisted with finding the correct visa when they enter from various nations to ease any difficulties they may face as they try to gain entry to one of the most impressive ministries in the world. The Pastor and his followers look to make sure the power of God enters the body and mind of every person attending the Healing School by allowing them the chance to attend at least 18 educational sessions and three Sunday services offered by Chris Oyakhilome; not only do these sessions make sure the individual is prepared for the miracle they are about to receive, but they also form the backbone of an education designed to bring them a better life in the future.

Attending the school is seen as one of the best ways of growing a more effective and closer relationship to God through the powers and skills of Chris Oyakhilome. At the most recent Healing School event, Pastor Chris healed a range of people who had been affected by their medical conditions for many years including Osteoarthritis sufferer Grace Wong who was able to throw off her crutches for the first time and walk unaided for the first time in many years. Others who felt the power of the Holy Spirit with the aid of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome included Ezekiel George, a man left paralyzed by a stroke who was able to move his paralyzed limbs for the first time unaided since the debilitating stroke responsible for changing his life.

Attending the School is not something that should be taken lightly by those considering attending classes lasting as much as three weeks for those hoping to attend the School. Classes take place each day as part of the School operated by the founder of the Loveworld range of television networks; lasting for around six hours each day, the sessions required to complete the School schedule include a required 18 sessions and three church services leading to the final meeting with the Pastor as he brings his powers of healing to the needy people attending his school.