The Ways to Maintaining Youthful Looks Never Have Been a Secret

My grandmother looks great. I cannot even say that she looks great for her age, because she is kind of age-defying. She is not one of those women who inappropriately hangs onto youth by dressing to look younger or wearing outlandish makeup. She looks young in just jeans and a tee shirt. I thought it might just be good genetics, but her sister, who is a couple of years younger than her, looks older. My grandmother says that it is healthy living and helpers such as Jeunesse Instantly Ageless that keeps her looking young. She told me to start young to be more gravity defying as I get older. I did not know what she meant, so she explained about how skin, not just on the face, starts to sag as we age.

My friends are not so much future oriented. Some smoke and drink alcohol. Almost all of them eat junk food and stay awake for long hours drinking copious amounts of caffeinated beverages. I already have some good habits of eating organically and making sure to get enough rest and exercise. I drink plenty of water and tea, and I enjoy a little coffee. No energy drinks though. I abstain from them and alcohol. I do not smoke or vape either, and I already notice the difference in my skin versus that of my friends. My grandmother encourages me to keep up my routines, and to treat my skin well by limiting sun exposure and using products that will help my skin and not harm it.

My friends tell me they are jealous in how I do not wear makeup and look the way I do. They told me sunscreen does not count as being makeup. My lips are not pale to need lipstick, and my skin has a healthy glow. I can see it, and it is like a reward for doing the right things. So, I guess that instead of trying to cover up flaws that are developing, I delay or prevent the cause of the flaws to begin with.

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