The Women in My Family Have Serious Facial Wrinkle Issues

Wrinkles are a thing in my family. My great-grandmother has so many lines on her face that she looks like a road map of a city. She actually made that joke first. My grandmother also has wrinkles on her face, and my mother is doing everything she can to not get them. She got a device from the Nuface store that she uses for five minutes every day to help tone her skin. When I say there are wrinkles in my family, I mean those deep crevasse type of wrinkles. I can already see areas on my face where I think the wrinkles will begin to develop.

Wrinkles look great on a Shar-pei, but not on me. I do not want them. I take care of my skin. I do not do any tanning, and I am careful about what types of product I use on my skin. My mom uses the device she got from the Nuface store every day. I suppose only time will tell as far as how our preventative measures will protect us from wrinkles. My grandmother and great-grandmother really did not do anything to protect their skin. They just used makeup to cover up the wrinkles as they began to form. Even though my great-grandmother makes jokes about her wrinkles, I know that she would prefer not to have them. She warns me to do whatever is necessary to keep it from happening to me.

I agree with her. It has nothing to do with being vain. It is just wanting to look the best that we can for as long as we can. Some women have hair issues, we have wrinkle issues. All of the other stuff is okay. It is just those facial lines for the women in my family that get pretty bad for us.

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