4 Houston Hat Shops Worth Visiting

We’re proud to announce we’ve been chosen for the top 10 People’s Choice award. On a visit to view the construction of the Panama Canal in Ecuador, US President Theodore Roosevelt is photographed wearing a Panama hat. In the 1930s, and 1940s men were very particular about having just the right fedora hat. For more information visit the Bobble Hat Shop website and start your shopping now!hat shop

The highlight of the area is the Fisherman’s Wharf, where the seagulls overhead and the smell of the sea invigorate its many visitors, some of who are there to shop the fresh wares at the public market, and others of whom have arrived to take in the eclectic atmosphere.hat shop

From this era of Hat Making, a customer could walk into a custom hat shop and the hatter would tailor-build the hat from the ground up just as the the customer wanted. The origin of the hat is very old and its use and shape have been transformed over time. The store can also fit the needs of men and women of any age who want to shop for western wear.

I will have been re opened a year since the shop was flooded shortly, can’t believe it’s gone so fast ! Wolf’s has been serving the Houston area for decades from its location near downtown. The Hat Shop of the title represents the dreams that all people have, its ‘reality’ in the book takes a long time in coming but she gets there in the end with a bit of help from her friends.hat shop

I’d highly recommend all of The Bobble Hat Shops products, they’re really well made and aren’t going to break the bank. A few years ago you would have had a hard time finding an open shop in February, but times are a changin’ and now, even on Sundays, there are beautiful shops open where you can find a dose of colour.