5 Fashion Must-Have’s in Autumn 2018

With September almost over it means that it’s time to actually get ahead and make a few necessary updates to your autumn look. There are a few key looks which will inevitably be hitting the market and that you need to be on the lookout for when making your updates. So, with that in mind, here are some of the must-have looks for your autumn fashion throughout the rest of 2018.

1 – Bright Colours

Colour, colour and lots more colour are on the cards for the backend of 2018. Particularly, mixing these colours to create bizarre and eye-catching results which are sure to attract attention. It’s a really joyful addition to the season and one that you should be jumping on. Pair your bold blues and your burning oranges, don’t be afraid to work a pattern full of a rainbow of colours and mixes which may seem out there!

The bolder your colours, the better your wardrobe will be this autumn.

2 – Reminiscent of Balmoral

Do you love the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family? Then rejoice this season as a number of prominent looks are coming that are inspired directly by the Balmoral ‘look’. With the recent royal wedding and latest birth, the Royals are certainly on trend in 2018. With a younger, trendier, generation at the forefront, it’s little wonder. This means lots of tweed, plaid and an abundance of silk headscarves. Perfect for anyone wanting a bit more of a professional look this autumn.

3 – It’s Underneath What Counts

Not just in when it comes to personality, but when it comes to clothes this season. Yes, the luxury lingerie you have underneath could mean just about as much as what you have layered on top. Surprising as that may be. The way you make a splash both out on the streets and between the sheets seem a world apart, but bedroom fashion is really becoming a highlight of the catwalk.

No longer are model’s simply flaunting women’s designer swimwear, but now underwear is becoming outerwear. So, be aware and get ahead of the trend.

4 – Taking the Biscuit

Tea and biscuits are a comfort food we all love, but now it’s also a colour you need to flaunt this autumn. It’s retro, reminiscent of the 70s for anyone that remembers that time, while also giving a rather uptown vibe. This is a very specific look; it’s caramel, tan, toffee and anything that looks camel enough to pass. It’s not bright yellow, however, so this should be avoided. Neutral is the look of the season, so don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Basically, the more you look like a plain digestive, the better.

5 – Blankets are Warm

If you wish you could step out the door in your duvet then this will be the look for you. Yes, you can finally wear your blanket and not feel ashamed to do so. It’s not even a blanket coat or something along those veins. It is, in fact, simply a blanket draped across the shoulders and perhaps clipped in place.

Of course, if you want to be a little bit more subtle regarding your blanket wearing then you can go ahead and choose the more conservative blanket jacket instead.

On the whole, the style this autumn seems to be all about warmth, layers and being a little bit out there. All of the things that your wardrobe will truly thank you for moving into the new style season. It’s always best to be ahead of the trend, but with some of these styles, you will almost certainly love being in vogue just this once.