A Chance for Herbal Relaxation

Coming up with an idea for my college biology thesis was difficult, because I felt that everything had already been done before. While the field of biology is so wide that there are an endless supply of topics to choose from, it seems to me that some are more viable than others for a thesis, and the best ones have been done over and over by students in a situation like myself. This is what I thought until I learned about kratom, which comes from a plant native to Asia. I wanted to learn more about this plant and how it could be beneficial to humans.

Using a human for my thesis would have been a little too radical, so I had to think on a smaller scale. Laboratory mice are the perfect test subject because they have similarities to human DNA, while being easy to observe for changes in their body. There are also a lot of them, so if anything goes wrong, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on another one and test again. For my test, I ordered a powdered form of the herb from an online store that specializes in selling to schools and scientists for research purposes.

My testing was able to produce some interesting results for my thesis. The kratom made my test mice more relaxed when administered a small amount. Through the right clinical trials, I think that kratom can become an herb that is widely used around the world for relaxation and stress relief. Maybe it could even aid in reducing blood pressure levels in those who are prone to getting hypertension, either through poor diet practices or hereditary means. There are still more trials to be done before it can be perfected, but once it is, it will be the clinical breakthrough that so many people will love.

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