A Hat Shop Mystery

Lyzon Hat Shop – Located on Main Street in Hampton Bays, this building dates back to the 1850’s and once served as a shop for one- of- a- kind hats by Walter King! Once you have found the right hat for you and for the proper occasion, make sure you feel extremely natural with it, as it will show when you are using it in social occasions, and you will have a personal trademark you can use. The shaped hats range in price from $298 to $498 but can go up to $1,000, while the shop also offers less expensive items, such as $25 berets.hat shop

A few daffodils in the shop have been bright and breezy but my favourites are tulips of which will be plentiful very soon. The only time cowboy hats should be stored right side up is if you have a hat stand. They come in a variety of colours made from a satin blend mix with an elasticated edge to enable a perfect snug fit on any size jockey skull hat.

Store your hat on a hat rack or if you’re not going to use it for a long time, keep inside a hat box. HAT SHOP IN A BOX, February 22 and 23 from 1 to 5 will be held in our live/work space on the Lower East Side of New York City. The Hat Store also has other services that make the hat buying experience as painless as possible for its customers.hat shophat shop

Maintaining a cowboy hat that is made of leather simply takes a bit of common sense. Beautiful Sydney walked by my booth yesterday and this hat literally jumped on her head. I just wanted to tell you how I like reading your blog, I also have an Etsy vintage shop called Dear Golden.

There’s more to do and it will change again shortly with images from photo shoots and pictures of the shop. James Lock creates a plain, round hat that becomes increasingly popular as more men adopt the new hairstyle. I have a bit of a hat addiction…Chun P. and family know, if I’m in Hillcrest for any reason I’m also stopping here!

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