Biggest Luxury Brands 2018

With logos back on the streets, as it’s one of the most hottest trends in streetwear right now, there is no doubt that luxury brands have managed to reinstate their prominence towards the mainstream this year.

So, here is the list on some of the biggest luxury brands in mens designer fashion to watch out for this year.


Gucci has become one of the major success story in recent years after suffering from stagnation. With CEO, Marco Bizzarri at the helm, the brand has become digitally focussed and became a hit with millenials, as the brand has been injected with fresh aesthetics with glitter bags with the sleek G clasp. This is no longer the brand we know who plays safe anymore with its outdated design, it is a trendy brand that even streetwear enthusiasts are embracing.


Now, Christopher Bailey have exited the business, and Riccardo Tisci was announced as his replacement. Many people are debating on the state of of this British luxury fashion house. Now, the irony is, Burberry are broadening its roots by focusing its attention on streetwear, which is arguably where the real trendsetting stage for the fashion industry to emulate. The issue that was plaguing them earlier earlier last decade. With its nod back onto streetwear and leather goods, it looks like things are brightening up for this house.

After all, it seems like all has not been lost as Meghan Markle’s mother has been rumoured to wear Burberry attire at the upcoming royal wedding.

Societe Noir

This luxury designer brand, Societe Noir are one to contend with. Be aware of their mesh trucker hats, which has been an instant hit in men’s casual wear. For instance, their scribbled white logo trucker hats have already been sold out. Their collection also radiates style and mystery throughout. So, this is one to definitely add within your wardrobe as a timeless investment which consists of classic tones and comfort.

Off White

Off White is a contemporary streetwear brand that mixes with art and urban style. Created by Virgil Abloh, who is also creative director for Louis Vuitton Menswear division, his talent at Off White has certainly not gone unnoticed as it have became the main staple in the streetwear fashion scene. Think rebellious designs that is incorporated with modern aesthetics.

So, these are the major luxury players for this year. Whether you do plan to invest in these products, always know that these products will remain timeless for many years to come.



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