The Secrets of Luxury Streetwear

Streetwear has been a fashion sensation for the past few years, and while paying the luxury prices can keep you on trend there are other ways to replicate the style without spending $100 for a plain white t-shirt. Although branding is a big part of streetwear currently, there’s a reason these brands begin to charge so much and why they have the power to, here’s a look at some of the secrets of streetwear.


The majority of Luxury brands have either a long-tailed origin story, where they have begun as a skate brand not looking to be in the limelight, or they have a famous designer creating pieces that are going to be highlighted regardless of its unique style. When browsing for streetwear styles, check out the websites about us page, see where the brand started or where it plans to take its customers. Sometimes the most underground brands may come out of nowhere to be the next global phenomenon.


Any designer can attempt to sell simple products for massive markups and claim it’s luxury streetwear. The brand that can pull this off will have, at some point offered their customers a unique product that has made them brand loyal. It’s rare that a customer will pay $100 for plain t-shirts from a brand they are unfamiliar with, so whether the brand name, logo or style is unique, something needs to add depth to a streetwear brands style in order to justify the makeup in prices. Offering mens loungewear that’s styled as streetwear is a good example of where a brand uniquely offers a product that impacts multiple markets.


Brands offering more than to a style naturally stand out more to potential customers. Supreme, Off-White and many more don’t push their styles onto the world, which makes them much more desirable, almost a need. Casually offering limited products speaks to their customers and almost tells them that the brand isn’t wanting to get everyone wearing the brand, just a select for willing to pay the premium.

Target Audience

Brands that try to cater for all will never truly make it as a luxury streetwear symbol. While streetwear can be worn with or without the use of designers, brands that try to cater for smart wear, sports clothing and other styles won’t be perceived as streetwear in the industry.

Whether you were looking for some background into the industry or you’re planning on starting a brand, this article was a look at some of the industry leaders and what they have in common.


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